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Matthew C's Projects

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Reminder: Lab Assistants are required to document the following things weekly: Goals for the week, Last week's accomplishments,and Any outstanding issues that they need help on. This is done on Mondays on their webpage (which is automatically emailed to the teacher). Their weekly participation grade is dependent on this being done.


Possible Project Ideas:








Project Updates (most recent on top):

Week of 10/21/13

Goals for this week: 

Accomplished last week: 

Outstanding issues 









Week of 10/14/13

Goals for this week: Find a new program to continue the game in.

Accomplished last week: Making behaviors for turrets.

Outstanding issues 







Week of 10/7/13

Goals for this week: Working on behaviors for the turrets and enemies.

Accomplished last week: Starting sprites and characters.

Outstanding issues






Week of 9/30/13

Goals for this week: Continue with Tower Defense game.     

Accomplished last week: Getting idea for a game. 
Outstanding issues





Week of 9/23/13

Goals for this week: Start Tower Defense game building in Stencyl

Accomplished last week: Decided to do some visual coding before moving to html
Outstanding issues




Week of 9/16/13

Goals for this week: Try to finish Javascript course again and make a HTML tower defense.

Accomplished last week: Deciding I want to make a web based game.

Outstanding issues



Week of 9/9/13

Goals for this week: Decide whether to dive into coding or do some visual stuff first, and then start it.

Accomplished last week: Finding some cool engines and deciding after visual code or starting now I want to do HTML5.

Outstanding issues: None



Week Of 9/3/13:

Goals for this week: Figure out what I want to do with my coding career

Accomplished last week: First week of school

Outstanding issues: None


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