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Lab Assistants

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As lab assistants, advanced students are given the opportunity to select their own independent projects and the freedom to explore areas of their own choosing.

Interested? You need to complete an application and turn in to Mr. Howard.


Previous lab assistant projects have included: building a 3D printer, creating Android apps, stop motion animation films, advanced video projects, work-working projects, building a compressed air rocket launcher, advanced robotics projects, and writing various video games (RPG, scrolling shooters, and Kinect). Many of these projects are now part of our standard classes.


Lab Assistants are required to document the following things weekly on a WordPress blog:

  1. Goals for the week
  2. Last week's accomplishments
  3. Any outstanding issues that they need help on

This is done on Mondays on their Wordpress blog. Their weekly participation grade is dependent on this being done.


Highlighted Projects:

Wall-e: Jack R and Jacob M

A Wall-E built from an old toy. Servos were added to control the treads, arms, and head. Wall-e is controlled using an XBox controller and includes a wireless camera in one of his eyes that can be viewed from the PC used to control it.


 Touch Screen Computer: Madeleine R

A multitouch screen table built from scratch. This project uses infrared light bouncing across a sheet of acrylic, a projector, a standard computer, and a modified web cam to build a full-functional multitouch computer.


AI NXT Sumobot: Jacob S







Our lab assistants design avatars as a way of signing their projects.

Want to make your own Avatar? Check out these sites










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