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Careers Webquest - Task 1 - Personality Testing

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During this task, you will learn more about your interests and personality. Only through understanding yourself can you know what type of career would make you happy. This will also give you a starting point for choosing a career to research.

Step 1:

Take the Jung Typology Test
After completing the questionnaire, you will obtain a sequence of letters that describes your personality type like INTJ (Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging)


Step 2:

After taking the Jung Test, follow the links listed under the YOU section and PRINT OUT THE 2 RESULTS PAGES - These will be turned in along with your packet.

  1. Self-Awareness And Personal Growth
  2. Career Choices


BONUS - Step 3:

If time permits, complete the Work Values Questionnaire.


GO ON TO TASK 2 - Job Interest Surveys  >>

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