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Lego Robotics

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We use Lego Mindstorms introduce you to a variety of concepts and skills, including: introductory computer programming, object-based programming, project design and planning, group work, engineering, and working with your hands. You will have the opportunity to complete multiple robotics investigations involving inquiry and guided research, problem solving, working in teams, and documentation as they investigate how robots make decisions and navigate their environment.


Robot Building Guides

All good base robots for challenges

NXT Five Minute Bot

Robot Educator Model



Presentations and Challenges

Typically used as as an intro as part of the Tech Ed class

Challenge 1 - Forward and Back

Challenge 2 - It's the Robot's Turn

Challenge 3 - Things That Go Bump

Challenge 4 - The Maze 


In our Robotics Careers class, we use a complete multimedia curriculum and do a different set of challenges.

Our main curriculum is the NXT Video Trainer 2.0. This multimedia curriculum designed to teach behavior-based programming using the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education NXT Software. In a classroom or workshop setting, it is also designed to act as the teacher’s assistant, driving primary instruction with over 70 short videos, animations, and built-in Check Your Understanding questions that allow learners to work at their own pace. The curriculum is also available online at http://www.cmuroboticsacademy.com/solt/lessons/nvt2.0/content/


Ideas for Projects




Video Tutorials

There are many, many video tutorials available on YouTube. Several are shown below (but there are lots of others). 

To view a tutorial, select one from the list and press Play (or simply click the video). To view the tutorials full screen, click the full screen  button at the buttom of the video.

In order to view these tutorials, you must first download the Flash Player.

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